Renewable Ready variable speed low load diesel generators come in a range of common capacities from 275kVa to 1520kVa. Containersied, fuel and noise optimised off-grid generation solutions for maximum renewable energy penetration.

Technology Summary

Low load diesel application involves reset or removal of original manufacturers low load constraint, opening up the engine’s full loading range. While historically, low load operation was ill advised, modern diesel technologies including common rail multi-burst injector, cylinder deactivation and variable load cooling provide for substantive low load capability. Importantly improved low load operability directly reclaims split renewable content to reduce diesel fuel consumption and reduce system emissions.

Variable load diesel application involves the replacement of the conventional synchronous generator with a PMG, freeing the diesel engine from fixed speed operation and allowing the system to select the optimal speed and efficiency for the load. Variable speed approaches improve fuel efficiency at low load by up to 50%, further reducing fuel consumption within a hybrid diesel off-grid system. Importantly the system uses proven and reliable technology options to improve the reliability and maintainability of variable speed low load diesel assets